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Measuring Candy Trays


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We have several candy trays to fit a wide variety of candy widths and box sizes. To measure candy trays, we measure the size of the tray itself, Then also the cavity size so that you can determine what size you need based on the size of your candy.

For the Tray: Measure length, by width, by height.

  • For the length, you need to measure the longest side of the tray from left to right.
  • For the width, you would measure from front to back.
  • For the height, you would measure from top to bottom of the tray.

For the Cavity Size: Measure Diameter (if the Cavity is Round) or Length (if the Cavity is Square) by Height. For this example, we have a 1-1/4 x 1-1/8” Square Cavity.

  • For the length, measure from left to right.
  • For the height, measure from top to bottom of the cavity.

Remember to make your candy slightly smaller than these dimensions so that they can have some room to fit in the cavity.


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