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Candy Packaging Buyer's Guide

Candy Boxes

Our paper candy boxes come in a selection of styles, designs, and sizes. Most are assembled in the U.S.A. and contain eco-friendly recycled materials. Sizes are commonly referred to in the number of pounds (lb) of candy that the box can hold, as candy makers usually sell their candy by the weight. This system makes it easy to pick the size of the box according to their price point. Many of the sizes you see on our website will go by quarter pound, half a pound, and one pound, as examples. However, you will see the dimensions listed in inches, as well.

Automatic Bottom Boxes

These boxes, are also referred to as “Autobottom”. They are a one piece folding box that features a base that automatically pops into place, with a top-tuck lid. They are the most the popular and inexpensive of all the candy boxes and come in a wide selection of colors and seasonal designs. We have candy trays that fit these boxes, for a more formal arrangement of your candy.

Solid Bottom Boxes

These boxes are one piece folding boxes that have a more formal look and feel, as well as a sturdier hold for loose candy than our Auto-bottom boxes. As the name states, they have a solid bottom and are available in a variety of colors, seasonal designs, and sizes. These are typically only a one layer candy box. We have candy trays to fit these, as well.

Two Piece Folding Candy Boxes

These boxes are a folding box made to look like a rigid set up box. They come in several sizes and depths, and can hold one or two layers of candy. Layers can be stacked by using candy trays with candy pads on top, and then adding layer boards, which are constructed of cardboard. They are available in several colors and seasonal designs and made in the U.S.A.

Rigid Set Up Candy Boxes

Our Rigid Set Up Boxes feature both a rigid lid and base made of thick chipboard, then wrapped in various colors or designs of paper. They typically hold one layer of candy, and trays are available to fit the boxes. They can be sold together with the box, or separately. Most of our rigid candy boxes are produced in America. Candy store owners love these boxes for their sophisticated look and use them for sales of their candy in gift sets during peak holiday seasons such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Often retailers use shrink wrap around the base of the box so that the customer can open the lid and see the chocolates, without damaging or contaminating the product. You can add a bow or a stretch loop and tag to secure the box together, and add the finishing decorative touch for display on your shelves.

Favor Candy Boxes

Candy Favor Boxes are mini in size and available in various styles to hold candy such as Jordan Almonds, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Truffles, or other sweets. They are a 1 or 2 piece folding box that typically have either a top tuck opening or a lid and base. Mostly used for party and wedding favors, they are made both in the U.S.A and overseas. In addition to candy stores and party and wedding planners, bridal shops often carry these boxes as an up-sell item for their customers' events.

Candy Apple Boxes

Candy Apple Boxes feature a top tuck folding box with a see through window to view the candy or caramel dipped apples. They feature a top tuck opening with a hole in the top lid, to insert the stick that holds the apple. These boxes are made in the U.S.A. A regular size candy apple will fit in a standard 4 x 4 x 4-inch box. They are available in solid colors and designs. Larger boxes can be custom produced for extra large apples. Candy Apple makers use these boxes to display and sell their delicious candy apples in their stores, or at events such as local markets and fairs.

Wine Hanger Truffle Boxes

Wine Hanger Truffle Boxes are our newest product. Now wine stores and candy stores have a complimentary and common product to up-sell. Your customers can enjoy their wine and chocolate at the same time! These boxes can hold either 3 or 4 truffles. They feature a tab with a hole that hangs over the wine bottle to display your delicious chocolate truffles. Several designs and colors are available and include the candy trays. These boxes are developed and produced in the U.S.A.

Pretzel Boxes

Our Designer Pretzel Boxes are a perfect box to market and sell your chocolate dipped pretzels. They feature an image of deliciously presented pretzels on the boxes. They come in 4 sizes, including long to fit your pretzel rods. Designer Pretzel Boxes also have a clear top box to show off the pretzels in the box on the shelf. These boxes are all folding boxes, made in the United States. Candy stores and concession stands at events, such as carnivals and festivals, can use this box to catch the eye of your customers and up-sell your chocolate pretzels.

Strawberry Boxes

Our Designer Strawberry Boxes are used to market and sell your chocolate dipped strawberries. These strawberry design boxes are available in an automatic bottom, top-tuck, and a single strawberry tote box, both with a gloss finish. Chocolate dipped strawberries are often used for special romantic occasions such as displaying on wedding dessert buffets or for Valentine’s Day gifts. Retailers can also promote chocolate dipped strawberries during both the summer season and Christmas holiday. These boxes are designed and produced in the United States.

In-stock items can have a logo printed for as little as a 1 case minimum order.

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Clear Candy Boxes

Clear boxes are an excellent choice to show off your chocolates and are made of food safe PET plastic. PET is an acronym for Polyethylene terephthalate, which is a thermoplastic polymer material from the same family as polyester, which is used in fabrics. PET, invented in the 1940's, is most commonly utilized in the production of plastic soda and water bottles and has been widely used ever since due to it’s excellent water and moisture barrier. Most of these boxes are in stock in a variety of styles and sizes. The most common is the folding top tuck box. They are also available in both square and round two piece boxes with tray inserts, as well as candy tubes. For an upscale look, many boxes feature either silver or gold trim. Our clear boxes are made in both the U.S. and overseas and are FDA compliant and direct food contact safe. Candy stores use this box when they want to show off their chocolate designed candy pieces or truffles in the box on their shelves. Customers like buying items when they can see what they are getting, before making the purchase. Clear boxes are an excellent way to show off your candy designing skills, and ultimately up-sell more of your products.

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Candy Bags

Our candy bags are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs. Most candy bags are either made from cellophane, which is made from a wood pulp-based film, or polypropylene, which is an oil based film. The term “Cello Bags” has become the common slang for candy bags among consumers, even though Cello Bags come from polypropylene. It is important to look at the material in the description area of our product pages to determine the material of the bag you need. Both Cellophane and Polypropylene have unique benefits for candy and cookie storage and freshness.


Cellophane is naturally biodegradable, and offers superior clarity, with a significant barrier to odor and oxygen, however, it only has a moderate moisture barrier. Cellophane bags are better for higher moisture items such as chocolates and candy. They have a crinkle like texture and feel and are often used by Retailers or Candy Stores for their Eco-friendly attributes that compliment specific product lines.


Polypropylene is known for it’s excellent barrier properties to moisture, oxygen, and odor. Our Clear Polypropylene Candy Bags are available in both regular and high barrier polypropylene. Gourmet and Candy Retailers would choose a polypropylene bag to package low-moisture items such as crackers, dried pasta, cookies, or dried fruit, as well as candy, chocolates, and nuts. Polypropylene has a clear film, however when the bags are all stacked together in the box, they can appear like that have a yellow tint to them, which is normal. Just pick out one bag and hold it up away from the rest of them, and you will see that it appears clear by itself. Candy bags are offered in everyday and seasonal designs, ink or foil. Select sizes are also available with a cardboard bottom base to provide extra support while standing your candy on shelves for sale or display. Most of our Candy Bags are made in the United States and are FDA compliant for direct food contact. In-stock candy bags can have a logo printed for as little as a 1 case/1,000 minimum order. Custom candy bags can be made with a 5,000 bag minimum.

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Candy Accessories

Candy Accessories include everything to package your confectionery items such as chocolates and truffles, as well as hard and soft candies. Our Candy Trays are made of several different materials and in a variety of sizes and cavity sizes. Our brown candy trays are made of Food Grade P.V.C. while our Gold and Clear Candy Trays are made of Food Grade P.E.T. P.V.C is an acronym for PolyVinyl Chloride, which is a polymer made in both a rigid and flexible forms and used in various applications including packaging. P.E.T. is an acronym for PolyEthylene Terephthalate, which is a thermoplastic polymer material from the same family as polyester, which is used in fabrics. P.E.T. is most commonly utilized in the production of plastic soda and water bottles.

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