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Wine Gift Boxes

Wine gift boxes are an upscale and fun way to gift your wine bottles for any occasion! Box & Wrap offers a vast selection of trend-setting wine bottle boxes and carriers including one, two and three bottle sizes. Choose from Luxury Rigid Wine Boxes with magnetic closure, Embossed Wine Carriers with a handle, or economical Folding Bottle Boxes with a lid and base. We offer a range of eye-catching wine packaging options to fit your budget.

Wine Box Benefits and Uses:

  • Winery Brands and Stores can stand out from the competition with our unique outer wine packaging and logo printing options.
  • Wine gift boxes and carriers offer both bottle protection and branding advantages.
  • With branding, our wine boxes make excellent corporate wine gifts for the holidays, marketing events, or any occasion.
  • With a huge selection of box styles, sizes, and colors available, you can easily find what you need for your store or event.
  • Our carriers feature a handle and separated window slots for the wine.
  • Our multi-bottle boxes feature divider inserts to keep the wine bottles from clinking or dinging together.
  • Our boxes and carriers can be used for creating gift sets, brand packaging, or as re-sale wine store packaging.
With competition heating up for winery brands, their need to stand out on the store shelf has dramatically increased in recent years. The wine label has become one of the most significant elements in a consumer's purchasing decision when selecting a bottle of wine, which has created an intense battle to have the most unique and eye-catching brand name and label that will entice the buyer to pick their wine over the bottle sitting next to it. Wine store owners and wineries can further influence purchasing decisions by utilizing our trend-setting outer wine box packaging to help them stand out from the crowed wine space and get the sale!

Box Styles & Paperboard Construction:

Embossed Wine Carriers

These carriers have a sturdy construction with thicker chipboard than other boxes and a laminated embossed paper in various colors covering the carrier.

Corrugated Wine Boxes

These boxes have a corrugated flute construction with various thicknesses providing superb protection for your wine bottles. Corrugated Wine boxes are great for wine gifts that will frequently be handled, transported, or shipped.

Folding Wine Gift Boxes

Our Folding wine bottle boxes come in one bottle top-tuck styles and two-piece bottle boxes featuring a lid and base. These boxes are economical yet still provide an upscale look for your gifts. The boxes are made of paperboard construction in several colors and fold flat for easy storage. Our one bottle gift boxes make the perfect box for individual gift giving, and our lid and base folding boxes hold one, two, or three bottles making this box great for corporate gifts, or wine gift sets.

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