Preparing Your Artwork

Preparing Your Artwork For Flexo Ink, Foil Hot Stamp, and Screen Printing

What Is Vector Art?

What is Vector Art?
  • Your artwork must be sent to us in Vector format. Vector format looks like this image when you use your mouse to click on it.

  • Vector format allows for your logo to be outlined, so that the machine making the printing plates can follow the outlines in your logo.

  • Software programs that can create and save logos in Vector format typically are Adobe Illustrator (.ai), or Adobe Photoshop (.psd).

  • Vector formats can be saved in several file types including, (.ai), (.pdf), (.psd), & (.eps).

  • If you had an artist create your logo, they may have saved the file in a PDF format so that you could see the logo design without opening it in the above programs. PDF files can be reviewed to make sure they are in Vector format when they are opened by our Adobe Illustrator software.

Vector Art vs. Images

Vector Art vs. Images.
  • For Flexo Ink, Foil Hot Stamp, and Screen Printing methods, unacceptable formats of your logo are: (.jpeg), (.jpg),(.png),(.gif), or (.tiff).

  • These unacceptable formats show the pixels in your logo, making your logo not smooth enough for the machine to cut the printing plate.

  • Typically, when artwork is created, it is already in Vector format. Therefore the designer who created you logo, just needs to send you the original file they created.

  • If you only have an image format and no longer can contact the person who designed your logo or original artwork, we can digitally recreate your art in vector format for a fee.

Art With Fine Lines

Art With Fine Lines
  • Artwork with fine lines may fill in. It is possible that the printing plates can not be cut to the fine detail of some artwork.

  • In this example, certain lines within this crown that may fill in when printed in either ink or foil:

  • If you can alter your artwork to have less fine line detail, the better the print will appear.

Revising Your Artwork

Revising Your Artwork
  • Artwork with multiple colors or shading must be printed with the Digital Ink Method (which is for multi colors and images), or will need to be reduced to 1 or 2 colors in order to print as a Flexo Ink, Foil Hot Stamp, or Screen Print.

  • In this example, the original logo has too many colors overlapping and shading in the olive branch, for it to be printed with a Flexo Ink, Foil Hot Stamp, or Screen Print method.

  • The customer did not want a Digital Full Color print due to their budget, so they revised their logo to reduce it to 2 colors. The new logo has little or no overlapping and is a simple logo that will look great printed in any one of the more affordable 1 or 2 color options available: Flexo Ink, Hot Stamp, or Screen Print .

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