Top Tuck Gift Boxes

Top Tuck Gift Boxes

Top Tuck Folding 1 Piece Gift Boxes

Top Tuck Folding 1 Piece Boxes have glued bottom construction and pop open for assembly with the lid tucking into the top opening. Coatings for the boxes can either be a gloss coat on white paperboard base boxes or a matte coating on natural kraft paperboard.

They are often used to package candles and soap, figurines, light weight gifts and clothing, and nonbreakable or general gifts. Tissue or basket shred can be used to fill the boxes for extra support for your items. This style is the most popular box used in retail and gift giving due to it storing flat and easy assembly. Using colored boxes can eliminate the need for wrapping paper and can cut costs and time for merchants who offer gift wrapping service for their products.

Many manufacturers make these boxes in several colors and sizes on either white or natural kraft paperboard. Folding boxes made for the retail gift industry and typically produced in the U.S.A. In recent years, these boxes have been transformed and produced with environmentally friendly materials such as recycled paperboard and water based Eco-friendly inks for colors.

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