Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper Wrap

Tissue Paper Wrap

Tissue Paper Wrap is a thin translucent paper that you can use to decorate gifts in gift bags and wrapping gift items for decorative purposes, and placing in gift boxes. Tissue is also used for general cushioning of your fragile glassware or china in boxes, or even cushioning for the purpose of shipping your items. Our tissue paper wrap, made in the United States, is offered in hundreds of colors and designs for all occasions. Typically, it is offered in reams of 480 sheets for solid colors and 200 sheets for designs.

How To Tip:
A great tip for decorating gift bags for a look from a high-end boutique is to make the tissue uniform sticking out from the bag. To do this, first place one sheet of tissue in the bag to cover your items. Then use sheet sets of two at a time mainly for thickness and color, and hold the sheets diagonal, then twist from one end corner of the tissue, up to approximately one-quarter to one-half the length of the tissue sheet. On one side of the bag, insert the tissue into the bag, twisted side first. If the tissue sheets are too long to fit a smaller bag, fold the sheets in half before you twist. You will see that the opposite unfolded corner will stick out and stay in place better. Repeat the steps for as many tissue inserts you need to go across the bag.

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