Shrink Wrap Bags & Rolls

Shrink Wrap Bags & Rolls

Shrink Wrap Bags & Rolls

Shrink film is made from polyolefin, which is the basis of polypropylene, the most common type of shrink film. Polypropylene is produced into a small size film. It is then stretched while it is still warm into a larger size. It is finally cooled to keep it at its large size until used for making baskets or wrapping products. When heat is applied, the film shrinks back to its original size. Shrink film has many uses including industrial, product sealing and protection in grocery and food service industries and the retail gift packaging industry.

Gift basket makers and retailers use shrink-wrap to secure products into place in gift baskets filled with wine, cheese, fruit, and gifts. Shrink wrap film is used for wicker style baskets, market trays, basket boxes, and any other gift you want to display the products alongside. Typically, the shrink film needs to be about 1/3 larger than the object you will be wrapping with it, as the shrink-film dramatically shrinks. You would wrap the shrink-wrap or bag around the packaging and secure the bottom or side with tape. Then, heat is applied with a heat dryer gun evenly over the shrink wrap to shrink the film down, and form around the package and products. There are several sizes of shrink bags and rolls to choose from, for any size item.

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