Rigid Set Up Boxes

Rigid Set Up Gift Boxes

Rigid Set Up Boxes

Rigid Boxes, also known as Set Up Boxes, are made of rigid chipboard and pre-formed with typically a colorful or designed paper wrapped and glued to the box. They have a separate lid and base, and are referred to as "set up boxes” because they are already “set up" and formed. Chipboard thicknesses can vary depending on manufacturer and the size of the box and lid.

These boxes can be used in retail displays, and for giving upscale and keepsake type gifts. Most rigid setup boxes in larger sizes or nested sets are now made overseas due to the cost and complexity of manufacturing.

There are only a few manufacturers in the U.S.A. who still produce the boxes, and typically a custom order of these must have a minimum of about 1,000 boxes to be cost effective. However, rigid setup jewelry boxes are still widely produced across the U.S.A. Typically for custom produced boxes, you determine the size of the box and then pick from a selection of gift papers that the manufacturer has available to cover the boxes.

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