Gift Ribbon

Gift Ribbon

Ribbon Styles:
Gift Ribbon has long been an adornment in fashion, home decor, and gift wrapping. Fabric Ribbon is constructed from an assortment of fabric choices, with a loom weaving the fibers together. Fabric ribbon can be cotton, satin, grosgrain, and sheer organza.
Plastic style ribbon is typically made from acetate or polypropylene. They have become popular in recent years and are particularly used for items that may be exposed to water or food, such as floral arrangements or catering and table decorations.
Wired-edge Ribbon, which holds the ribbon in the shape of a bow or any design you make it, is a popular choice for wedding floral arrangements, gifts, and retail display settings.

Retailers and gift basket makers often use ribbons to add the finishing touches to their gifts. We offer both solid colors and designs, including all holiday themes, geometric, and floral patterns.

The ribbon is now largely manufactured overseas. The U.S. is the largest worldwide importer of ribbon for both the garment and gift industries. Gift ribbon is an excellent and inexpensive way to dress up a plain gift box or bag.

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