Metal Buckets & Pails

Metal Buckets

Metal Buckets & Pails

Metal buckets, pails, and tubs have a broad range of uses from gift giving to floral. Made of various metals including steel, copper, tin, and aluminum, as well as galvanized metal, which is a metal that has a coating of zinc to prevent rust. They can also come in a variety of colors coated in paint, or even in a distressed look. Many of our metal buckets are made in the U.S.A. and come in all shapes and sizes, with either side handles, a single center handle for a pail, or no handles.

Florists use watering-pails and metal vases for planter pots or floral arrangements to re-sell. These handle tubs and buckets are often used by gift basket makers for upscale gourmet baskets and gifts, which gives their customers a keepsake container along with all of the treats within it. Consumers find a variety of uses for our metal buckets and pails including home decor and organization, outdoor planters, and gift giving.

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