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Our gift wrap ranges in trendy designs from Celebration, Birthday, Christmas, Wedding, and Baby Themed Wrapping Paper. It comes in a selection of widths and roll sizes. We also offer resale rolls, so you can provide your customers gift wrap for purchase, along with their items.

Wrapping gifts with paper became popularized in Western Cultures until the 20th Century. In the last decade, the addition of gift bags, store gift cards, and other alternative methods of packaging gifts gaining popularity, as well as large department stores discontinuing their gift wrap service, the wrapping paper manufacturers have seen a decline in sales.

Remarkably, in the last few years, there has been a resurgence of interest in decorative gift wrap. We believe consumers want the added touch that a hand-wrapped gift with wrapping paper gives. New, Trendy, and Upscale designs of gift wrap have certainly helped fuel the resurgence.

High-end boutiques and gift stores are looking to capitalize on the added value of offering gift wrap service. They set their brands apart and provide a solution for the consumer, who is looking for specialized service to give that special touch or thoughtfulness to their gifts.

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