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Cello Bags & Rolls

Cello Bags & Rolls

Cello is short for cellophane, which is a cellulose product made of either wood, cotton, or hemp. Often in the packaging industry, “Cello” has been used more as a general term for any clear plastic bag or sheet, even if made from an oil based film such as polypropylene, which is just as common for wrapping baskets. It is important when shopping for items called “Cello,” rather than Cellophane, to look for the material or product description, and know what your particular needs are, and if they require actual cellophane material.
Typically, we will state the material of our items on the description tab of our product pages. Cellophane has a low permeability, which means it resists grease, bacteria, air, and water, which makes it an attractive choice to package food products.

Our basket bags come in flat and gusseted sizes. Our flat bags can be used for small to large items such as stationary and shallow food trays. Our gusseted basket bags can come in a dome shape that is perfect to fit over the top of traditional tall handle wicker style baskets. Our regular gusseted basket bags also fit larger trays and side handled baskets with ease.
Our Cello Basket Rolls are used for gift baskets or items that are too large or have too much of an odd shape to fit a cello bag. Our printed rolls are often used as traditional gift wrap for wrapping presents. Retailers and gift basket makers can’t operate without this very basic packaging product.

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