Basket Boxes

Basket Boxes

Basket Boxes

Basket Boxes do not have lids and are used by basket makers as an alternate use for wicker gift baskets to display products. They are constructed of either corrugated paperboard for the large size to contain heavier gifts such as wine, or regular paperboard for the small size box. They fold flat for easy storage.

  • Small basket boxes hold 5 pounds of product.
  • Medium basket boxes hold 15 pounds of product.
  • Large basket boxes hold 20 pounds of product.
Uses can range from gifts to gourmet items, and many theme designs are available in this box. Basket Shred is typically used to hold up the products displayed. Basket benches can also be inserted for extra support. Retailers use cellophane wrap or shrink wrap to add the final wrapping to the products around the basket box. Many themes designs are in stock ranging from Birthday, Get Well Soon, Christmas, Easter, and Valentine’s Day.

Stock selections of these boxes often are produced overseas and imported, and contain some recycled materials. A gloss finish coating is applied to the exterior of the boxes, and they feature a bright white interior.

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