2 Piece Lock Corner Boxes

2 Piece Lock Corner Gift Boxes

Lock Corner Boxes

Folding Two Piece Lock Corner Boxes are made in two identical pieces with the top of the box fitting fully over the bottom box, which is also known as full telescoping. Because of the full telescope of the boxes, they are more sturdy, and hold more firmly together than the one piece top tuck box and are used more for glassware and heavier or fragile gifts. They are environmentally-friendly produced and made with recycled post-consumer materials and water based eco-friendly inks for colors. Coatings for the boxes can either be in a gloss finish, coated on white paperboard base boxes or matte, for coating on natural kraft paperboard.

Retailers can use these boxes as product packaging where the item is sold within the box. They can also use the boxes for a behind-the-counter gift wrapping service box. These boxes are available in small amounts in a wide range of colors to compliment branding or event colors.

These boxes are rare to find stocked in the U.S.A, however in the last year another American Manufacturer has added this type of box to their product line, and they appear to be growing in popularity.

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