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Gift Boxes - Natural Kraft

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Gift Boxes

We offer several styles boxes including top-tuck, two piece lock corner, and boxes with a separate lid and base. Our boxes range from folding chipboard to rigid set-up styles in a vast selection of colors. Most of our boxes are produced in the USA with environmentally friendly recycled paperboard and water based inks. We offer logo printing options for a branded look for your store or event.

Magnetic Gift Boxes

Magnetic Gift boxes are a rigid style flat folding box that pops open on the sides as you fold the box to close. There is a magnetic closure inside the box walls that magnetically snap the lid and bottom flaps together to close the box for easy assembly. For easy storage, the boxes can be disassembled back to the flat position by pulling on the ribbon inside the box and extending the box back to its flat position. They are available in Red, Black, or White, in either Gloss or Embossed Matte finish, or Natural Kraft. Customers use these boxes for gifts, promotional mailers, product and gift kits, invitation boxes, or jewelry boxes.

Top Tuck Folding 1 Piece Gift Boxes

Top Tuck Folding 1 Piece Boxes have glued bottom construction and pop open for assembly with the lid tucking into the top opening. Coatings for the boxes can either be a gloss coat on white paperboard base boxes or a matte coating on natural kraft paperboard. They are often used to package candles and soap, figurines, light weight gifts and clothing, and nonbreakable or general gifts. Tissue or basket shred can be used to fill the boxes for extra support for your items. This style is the most popular box used in retail and gift giving due to it storing flat and easy assembly. Using colored boxes can eliminate the need for wrapping paper and can cut costs and time for merchants who offer gift wrapping service for their products. Many manufacturers make these boxes in several colors and sizes on either white or natural kraft paperboard. Folding boxes made for the retail gift industry and typically produced in the U.S.A. In recent years, these boxes have been transformed and produced with environmentally friendly materials such as recycled paperboard and water based Eco-friendly inks for colors.

Lock Corner Boxes

Folding Two Piece Lock Corner Boxes are made in two identical pieces with the top of the box fitting fully over the bottom box, which is also known as full telescoping. Because of the full telescope of the boxes, they are more sturdy, and hold more firmly together than the one piece top tuck box and are used more for glassware and heavier or fragile gifts. They are environmentally-friendly produced and made with recycled post-consumer materials and water based eco-friendly inks for colors. Coatings for the boxes can either be in a gloss finish, coated on white paperboard base boxes or matte, for coating on natural kraft paperboard. Retailers can use these boxes as product packaging where the item is sold within the box. They can also use the boxes for a behind-the-counter gift wrapping service box. These boxes are available in small amounts in a wide range of colors to compliment branding or event colors. These boxes are rare to find stocked in the U.S.A, however in the last year another American Manufacturer has added this type of box to their product line, and they appear to be growing in popularity.

Hi Wall Gift Boxes

Hi-Wall Boxes are a hybrid style box that features a rigid lid and a folding lock corner base. As an exclusive box made in the United States, they are offered in both extra large and small sizes to accommodate a range of products. These are a great retail box to give the appearance of a rigid setup box and with the ability to better save space when storing, due to the folding bases. Offered in White, Red, Black, and Gold, these boxes can also be produced in custom colors twice a year for a minimum of 200 boxes per color. These boxes are made with environmentally friendly paperboard and inks. They can be utilized for all gifts including glassware, vases, large home goods, and decor items. Alternative uses that some of our customers have purchased them for are baked goods such as cakes, cookies, and pastries. This style of box is exclusively produced here in the U.S. by one primary manufacturer that produces packaging for some of America's largest retailers.

Folding Set Up Boxes

These luxury two piece folding boxes feature a lid and base have the look of rigid setup gift box, but are completely folding and are easier to store when not used. The lid is short and has a folded edge for a clean, upscale presentation and fits directly over the base. Assembly is required and can be a bit more time consuming due to assembly and folding of the lid. They are environmentally friendly using post consumer recycled materials and water-based inks for colors. These boxes can be produced in many colors with for low minimum order. Sizes of this box range from small to extra large and can serve many purposes for gifts, food and gourmet products, home decor gifts, and retail displays. Retailers can also use this type of box for behind the counter gift wrap service and eliminate the need for wrapping paper. These boxes are also know as simplex style boxes and are rare in the U.S. They are only produced by only a handful of manufacturers, but they are gaining in popularity.

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